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The SMP F4 NEZ Championship’s goal is to give equal chances to all young drivers to develop their driving skills, learn the motorsport environment, mechanical and engineering basics, to sum up, to learn how to be a racing driver.

The FIA has put a lot of energy for the F4 Championships to flourish and to be a cost-effective Series. The SMP F4 NEZ Championship has supported the FIA project, gathering as much strengths and partners as possible around the Championship, to create a strong series for the future. Therefore, in the line, the SMP F4 Champiionship is offering a full season of 21 races and an intensive educational program for 150.000€.

The logical step after SMP F4 NEZ Championship is to follow the FIA ladder to the top and enter the FIA F3 European Championship. And that is why the SMP F4 Championship is offering a unique chance for the winner. The winner will be awarded with a full season of a new FIA F3 Lights championship in a European region in 2017. What is more, the champion of the Rookie title of the season will be awarded with a grant of 100.000€ to enter the 2017 F4 Spanish championship certified by FIA, 2017 SMP F4 NEZ championship certified by FIA or the 2017 FIA F3 Lights"



Equality above all

The 160HP Abarth Turbocharged engine, will give to the youngsters their first hint of speed in a single-seater. Designed to learning purposes, the F4’s cars is the best tool after karting series.

Equality will be the main word in the SMP F4 NEZ Championship and FIA scrutineering and official technicals will make sure, on each event that the cars complies will the FIA regulations.

Cost Control

Cost Control

Keeping budgets low

FIA asked the manufacturers to keep control of the costs, to open the F4 Championships market to a wider range of customers. Including an extended education program, with classes given before races and during summer time to avoid school clashes, the SMP F4 NEZ Championship will be preparing the drivers on and out tracks to be the best challengers of tomorrow.



High standards

Racing at such high speed for newcomers requires safety as the uppermost priority. The F4 has been passing all the stringent FIA tests.



For the fans

With 3 races per event, identical cars on display, and a pack of teenagers who will be fighting for the victory, the SMP F4 NEZ Championship give high promises for a great entertainment. And with all the marketing and promotion events which will be organized, fans and drivers will find themselves in a pure enthralling week-end.


Entries are open. Come join us!  

Drivers are very welcome to the championship.

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