Nikita Troitskiy, the St. Petersburg driver

March 21, 2015

Last but not least, we introduce you to Nikita Troitskiy. It is a very nice kid, with a kind-of-bad-boy face, tremendous eyes and a bewitching smile who is answering our questions today, and after his official announcement for this 2015 season in the SMP F4 Championship, we wanted to know more about the Saint Petersburg native driver.

SMP F4 : Nikita, tell us more about your background
Nikita Troitskiy: Last year I was in Karting, in the KF category, but it was a very difficult season, I am looking forward to the change this year.

SMP F4 : What do you think is the biggest difference from karting to single-seater ?
Nikita Troitskiy: The biggest difference is the engine, in karting it is important to have a good engine, here we are all equal and that is way better. We can now focus on driving skills and pushing our limits.

SMP F4 : What do you enjoy the most in SMP F4 Car ?
Nikita Troitskiy : I think it is the Hankook tires ! They are really nice and stable. They allow young drivers like me to have several chances to make the perfect flying lap.

SMP F4 : You have officialized your participation in the SMP F4 today, how does it feel ?
Nikita Troitskiy : It feels like always when you start a new adventure…it’s thrilling ! I step up to single-seater, I will do a full championship, gather experience and track time, race against my friends, I could not have asked for a better opportunity, and of course I would like to thank SMP Racing for this.

SMP F4 : Which of the SMP F4 track do you think will be the most challenging ?
Nikita Troitskiy : For me it will most likely be Sochi, I don’t really know why, maybe because I tell to myself that it’s a Formula One track. But it will be a challenging one though exciting venue.

SMP F4 : What do you think of the winner prize of the SMP F4 Championship ?
Nikita Troitskiy : It’s mine :)


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